Core services

Core services

Collecting service charges and ground rent

Timely and secure collection of the service charge in accordance with the lease is essential for financial stability and the resources required to carry out maintenance. We invoice and remind owners, and where necessary take the appropriate legal steps to collect arrears on the Management Company’s behalf. We make sure you are fully aware of the collection process at all stages.We can also collect ground rents where necessary.

Arranging and collecting the buildings insurance premium

We are well-placed to get you the most cost-effective, comprehensive insurance cover to meet your individual needs precisely. This Includes cover for block buildings, public liability, 24-hour home service cover and Directors and Officers insurance. We are also on hand to give you support if you need to make a claim.

Building works management and supervision

Appointing trustworthy, high quality contractors is crucial. Regent has a full list of approved contractors that we know can deliver work to the very highest standards. All hold the essential Health and Safety and Insurance documentation, and have been selected for their competitive rates.

Maintenance management and supervision

We manage all maintenance – from window cleaning to gardening, from general routine to emergency repairs. We make sure your property is maintained to an acceptable level. We only use the best contractors for the job, and put the right checks and balances in place to measure performance and satisfaction. All work is closely monitored on an ongoing basis through regular review sessions. We make sure all services are both convenient and competitive.

Scheduled site visits and inspections

We make regular site visits and inspections in person. We make it our duty to get to know every property and development, and the people who live there. As well as meeting all statutory requirements, we cover all aspects of the development including cleaning, building and grounds maintenance, repairs, building works and any health, safety and security. Our detailed review ensures your property is maintained to the very highest level. We agree the number of inspections required each year with you in advance.

Liaising with residents regarding all matters

We like to be known as the first port of call for all residents and tenants, and other partners. This helps us rectify all issues and problems as they arise, avoiding confusion and keeping costs under control. Ours is a small, proactive team, not a call centre. You will have a single point of contact for your development – one person who will look after all aspects of your contract.

Dealing with assignments and notices

We know how important it is to keep everyone informed – it is absolutely vital to the smooth running of any arrangement. Regent help to make sure that people are up tom date and in the loop, and that all assignments and notices are issued in accordance with any statutory requirements.

Organising the annual general meeting

We are expert and experienced in the technical aspects and legalities of conducting both Annual and Extraordinary General meetings. As well as these formal meetings, we can hold general residents meetings, and when required, meet with residents individually to discuss their specific issues.

Preparation of annual budgets and expenditure accounts

Regent works closely with you to produce an annual budget that will create the basis for sound financial planning, and making provision for future works and maintenance. Financial reports will be provided on a periodic basis as agreed, and will help to facilitate the careful monitoring of your financial performance.

Out of hours emergency response service

We have an emergency phoneline which means you can get in touch any time you need to, and allows us to resolve any issues that occur any time - especially outside of office hours.

Customer Service

We like to make sure all our customers receive a consistent high level of service. We track all telephone calls, e-mails and letters, and track the resolution of queries. We provide Directors and residents with the management information they need to accurately monitor our performance in responding to their issues. This transparency gives you reassurance and demonstrates our genuine commitment to customer service.