How we work

Regent Management delivers a complete range of dedicated services that have been designed and refined to make the most of all kinds of residential properties.

We are committed to working with clients to maximise investment opportunities, manage and rationalise facilities and ensure the best possible living experience for residents.

For a full list of our core services please visit our service page.

Strategic and tactical

Our services are both strategic and tactical. We see the bigger strategic picture and take the long term view, all the time managing the finer details on a tactical, day to day basis.

Expert and experienced, our team understand fully the importance of legislative and regulatory compliance for every individual property, but never lose sight of the quality of life of people who live and work there.

Practical, impartial advice is an integral part of what we do.

Fixed fee management

Planning is an essential part of effective management – and we appreciate the complexities inherent in running and maintaining property. In response to our clients requirements, we prefer to agree a fixed fee. This is possible because we approach each property individually.

Rather than setting a basic rate with unspecified additional charges, which can unsettle and disrupt the best laid plans, we agree a fixed fee subject to the terms of the lease, and stick to it. Where additional charges arise we discuss these with our clients at regular management meetings and come to a mutually acceptable new arrangement.

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